Microblading is a process of using a hand-held blade to implant coloured pigment into the skin. This creates hair-like strokes to create the illusion of perfect eyebrows!

This is achieved by our specialist brow technician, Sue Harris. Sue has been microblading for many years, creating many happy clients! Take a look at some of Sue's amazing work!

The process is waterproof, smudge proof and looks completely natural. By using specialist Microblading techniques, Sue can achieve fullness and shape by mimicking hair where no hair has existed previously.

The initial consultation is free, and the cost is £250.00 for the first appointment. Then £75 for the second / touch-up appointment. Sue works with each of her clients to decipher exactly the look they want, and will ensure every step is taken to ensure the perfect finish. As a client, you will leave the clinic feeling confident and fulfilled.


  • Microblading £250
  • Follow up appointment £75
  • Third appointment £75
  • Microblading over 2 years £250
  • Microblading re-touch 6 months & under £100
  • Microblading retouch 6-9 months £150
  • Microblading retouch 9-12 months £180
  • Microblading retouch over 12 months £220
  • Shading Microblading add on £15.50
  • Eyeliner £350
  • Combined Eyebrow / Eyeliner £595
  • Combined eyebrow / eyeliner / lip colour £875
  • Beauty Spot £60

A FREE consultation can be had to discuss your choices, either on the day or in the lead up to your final appointment.

Note: You will be required to purchase your healing balm after your microblading appointment which is £18