3D Lipo Treatments

3D Lipo Treatments

With our multi-technology platforms for the body, our equipment offers fantastic results with a bespoke and prescriptive approach to the client’s needs with our three dimensional twist.

3D Lipo is the ultimate non-surgical choice to destroy fat cells, tighten the skin and sculpt the body! Book in for a FREE body consultation, one of our 3D Lipo specialists will tailor a plan to achieve your body goals!


Cavitation – Instant Inch Loss

Cavitation is a technology which uses a low frequency ultrasound wave to produce a wave of pressure. This wave, a fat cell membrane is unable to withstand – resulting in the fat cell disintegrating into a liquid state. As the liquid is no longer protected, your body then naturally removes this through your bodies normal draining systems. The results are instant, providing visible results and inch loss!

This treatment is suitable for an areas with a depth of fat. Commonly on the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and arms. Cavitation is ALWAYS used with radio-frequency and shockwave during a treatment at Image. This is called the non-surgical 3 in 1 fat removal treatment.

Radio Frequency – Fat Melting

Our 3D Lipo machines have two different form of radio frequency. One targets the top layers of skin, this is amazing for any surface loose skin, skin that has the ‘crepey’ effect and loose skin from child birth. The other radio frequency form is great for melting the fat down – cellulite is caused by fat that is uneven and ‘bumpy’ – so this radio frequency help to melt the fat for a smooth surface.

This procedure is suitable for skin all over the face and body. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of new collagen and elastin fibres, which promotes the skin to rejuvenate and tighten. This creates much healthier and smoother looking skin. 

Radio-frequency is used in our non-surgical 3 in 1 fat removal treatments, or used as a stand alone treatment for skin tightening with no fat removal, this is called the skin tightening body treatment.

For facial tightening, we have our 'face tightening treatment' at Image.


Shockwave – Zapper

Shockwave is a technology used at the end of each treatment. This breaks down the fat cells into much smaller pieces and speed up the drainage within your body! It is also very effective on breaking down cellulite and smoothing over the skin!

At Image, our 3 in 1 3D Lipo treatments all consist of cavitation, radio frequency and shockwave to give our clients optimum results. If a client is not concerned with fat removal, but needs skin smoothing or skin tightening – we have our separate skin tightening treatment which uses radio frequency and shockwave only. Please call our specialist for more information and prices.


Cryolipolysis – Fat Freezing

Cryolipolysis is a treatment for stubborn packets of fat. It is a completely seperate treatment from the non-surgical 3 in 1 treatment.

If you are someone who is happy with their overall size, although struggle with one particular handful of fat – fat freezing can help to get rid of it!

Fat Freezing works by using a vacuum to pull the pocket into the cup. The temperature of the cup is then reduces to between -5 to -10 degrees. At this temperature, the fat will be unable to withstand the cold and will denature. After the treatment, your body will naturally remove any frozen fat through your system.

Most clients will only require one session of fat freezing to flatten their pocket! Lots of areas of the body can be frozen such as stomach, legs, hips, back fat, knees, arms etc. Anywhere you have a pocket of fat! We even have fat freezing for double chins!


Courses of 8, weekly treatments are recommended for the non-surgical 3 in 1 fat removal treatments for optimum inch loss and visible results!

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