LED Light Therapy

Our LED light mask is a revolutionary, next-generation facial device that targets a variety of concerns by using a specific colour wavelength of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths.

Perfect for anti-ageing or spot prone skin

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Key Information

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is used for many skin concerns.

It uses a light canopy on either red or blue setting, which can be used on face or body.

What are the benefits Red LED?

Boosts collagen and elastin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Helps enhance the skin tone and texture 

Rejuvenates and restore skin cells 

Helps with skin healing, particularly good after more intense facials

What are the benefits of Blue LED?

Reduces bacteria on the skin therefore helping acne / blackheads

Reduces redness and calms the skin

Helps to regulate oil levels in the skin

What can I expect at my appointment?

LED Light therapy is a relaxing procedure. After cleansing, we select the colour light to meet your skins needs. We have LED masks and a canopy at Image - either of these technologies is placed over the skin for the LED to penetrate through the skin. We finish the treatment with a moisturiser and SPF.

How often will I need the treatment?

Depending on your skin concerns and goals - we may recommend a course of LED light therapy treatments to maximise the results. These treatments would be weekly for the initial course, then maintainence treatments monthly!

LED Light Therapy

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