Saving the plant! One empty bottle at a time....

At Image, we are always looking at ways to make more sustainable choices! This is why we have now our Environ empties box in the salon!

Simply bring in your empty Environ bottles (or any brand of empty plastic beauty products) and drop in our box! We will then send these back to Environ, who will ensure these are recycled and used to make new product bottles! How amazing!

This is what IIAA (Environ supplier) Has to say on the matter...


"The beauty industry is one of the worst culprits when it comes to plastic pollution. At the iiaa, our company mission is to limit not only our own impact on the environment, but others’ too.

With this in mind, in January 2020 we launched a new recycling scheme aiming to reduce the number of our beauty containers that end up in landfill.

Many councils are unable to recycle beauty packaging because it often contains mixed materials and elements that cause contamination. If it’s put into a standard recycling bin, it’s often rejected at a later stage in the process.

To overcome this, we have launched an initiative to help you and your clients dispose of empties in an eco-friendly manner."

To make things even better, we are giving anyone who brings back a bottle, 10% OFF an Environ facial!


Help us at Image to go greener and recycle your product empties with us!

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