Yumi was originated in France.

It lasts up to 8/12 weeks, we recommend to come back every 6 weeks to lift the new ones and re in force the old ones. Can use normal mascara after 24hrs.

The therapist can only enhance what the client naturally has.

For the next 24hrs NO


Steam room




17% to 49% with serum keratin mascara puts protein back in to lashes for a thicker glossy look.


Apply a thin layer of adhesive to bottom of silicon, place right to the lash line and hold for 10 seconds

Work in 3 sections starting from the outer corner in.

Apply Lift 1, cover root not on the wet line.

50 – 75% of lash

Minutes you leave the lift on! (Start time on first eye)

Fine lashes 8mins

Average 12/13mins

Thick 14mins

Apply cling film and hot towel to both eyes as it helps the penetrates quicker and the heat soothes it

Lift 2 apply for 5mins from root to tip

Apply tint for 5mins

Apply fix put on all lashes to to unstick lashes and silicon.