Preparation for application.

Prior exfoliation to the body is essential for a smooth application. Also moisturise relevant dry areas the morning of the tan (using a perfume/oil free cream).

To ensure an even tan, your skin must be clear of any previous self-tan applications prior to your treatment.

Refrain from wearing any type of perfume, deodorant, aromatherapy oils or skin lotions.

Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24hrs prior to the treatment.

Once leaving the salon.

Wear dark, loose fitting clothes dor the day of your tan. Do not replace your bra or tight undergarments for atleast 4 hours.

Your tan will develop over the next 8 hours so it is vital that you do not shower or vath within this time.

Do not take part in swimming or any activity which may cause perspiration for atleast 12 hrs after the treatment.

On the other hand, on a wet day do everything in your power to stay dry. Wear waterproofs, bring an umbrella ect.

Maintain your tan with the correct aftercare and your tan will last longer.

Do not rub but pat the skin dry after showing or bathing

Moisturise, use the sienna x radiance body balm or gradual self tan with 4% active DHA, so your tan is continually being topped. Remember to wash your palms after.

After 5 days exfoliate with sienna x polishing body scrub on a daily basis to help your skin absorb even more moisture and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous.

Reccommended products to use-

1. Sienna x balance bodywash – £11.95
2. Sienna x radiance body balm – £11.95
3. Sienna x polishing body scrub – £11.95
4. Sienna x gradual glowing tan – £15.95

Fun facts about spray tans-

DHA was first recognized as a skin colouring agent by German scientists in the 1920s.

In the 1950’s Eva Wittgenstein, a researcher at Cincinnati hospital had been treating children with a rare metabolic disorder, she noticed with the medicine she was using that when it splattered it didn’t not stain the childrens clothes but however it changed the colour of their skin. This was DHA.