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Skin care routine for over 30s

Have you recently joined the flirty 30 club? If so it’s a good idea to keep reading, we are going to share with you the ultimate skincare routine.

When you reach 30 it’s likely that life is hectic enough as it is the last thing you need to be worrying about is your skin or how great it’s gonna look when you see your ex at your best friend’s wedding.

But first we need to explain about skin in your 30s:

By the time we are in our 30s our hormone levels, elastin, and collagen levels decrease, so the skin may begin to look thinner and can start to sag (sorry!).  Cell turnover decreases and fine lines and wrinkles may become visible or more pronounced. Around this time if you have oily skin you may find that this also changes and it becomes less oily but this may vary from one person to another.

The focus of skin care routine now is to keep your skin toned and hydrated while slowing down the signs of aging at the same time. It is important to avoid overusing products or complicating your routine too much.

Using high-quality products, and consistency are key for optimum results.

What we need to be doing:


Cleansing: Every good skin care regime starts with double cleansing. To start with, it’s a good idea choosing a cleansing oil: look for a cleanser with plant extracts as these will help hydrate your skin and are full of antioxidants, which will help fight free radicals that cause premature again. For the second cleanse, if you have oily skin, stick with a gel cleanser, and if your skin is normal or dry, hydrating formulas like creams are great.

Toning:  In the morning use a hydrating toner with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide and in the evening correct uneven skin tone with AHA formulas. Best if you use a toner that’s free of irritants, perfumes or preservatives.

Exfoliating: Using a chemical exfoliator at least twice a week. As your dermis loses support and your skin becomes less supple, it can often become dull as the outer layer is not being renewed regularly. By introducing a chemical exfoliator containing AHAs and BHAs, you can prevent the buildup of dead skin, improve tone and texture and minimize the appearance of pores. Best to do in the evening allowing cell turnover during the night time.

Introducing new products like an Antioxidant serum containing vitamin C and E: which will brighten and improve skin tone, leaving it with a radiant glow so they are a fantastic idea. They deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients making them more effective also their lightweight formula with a smaller molecular structure can penetrate further, helping repair the skin at a deeper level.

Retinol: is another thing that would be great to start using. It’s a form of vitamin A that strengthens the deeper layer of your skin, increasing collagen and boosting skin cell renewal, which is essential in your 30s as this has naturally begun to decline. Make sure to apply it at night on toned skin, before your moisturizer directly to your neck and décolletage, as these areas tend to show early signs of aging.

Eye cream: If you haven’t been using eye cream until now, this is the time to change that and make eye cream a faithful daily part of your routine. The skin around your eyes is thinner and very delicate, more than anywhere else on your body and it loses moisture more rapidly. Therefore, it’s important to use a rich, hydrating formula to add moisture. Ingredients such as vitamin C, green tea, and chamomile are great for puffiness and reducing dark circles. It should be applied morning and night after your serum and before your moisturizer.


Moisturise: Always, from the inside and out, hydrating is an essential part of skin care and overall health care. We recommend choosing a moisturizer that is aimed at the specific needs of your skin type and lifestyle.

SPF: It’s important to mention (you can check out previous blog posts) the importance of SPF, and to apply creams or sprays contain it on a daily basis whether it is sunny or not outside, don’t forget your hands. SPF will help to protect your skin from sun damage which can trigger early signs of aging as well while it also protects you from further health and skin complications that can result from too much sun exposure.


Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

This is the time to kick nasty or unhealthy habits and choosing healthy lifestyles choices..Why? Because from now on it will start to show, that extra couple glasses of wine, or not taking your make up off at night, not drinking plenty of fresh water or nor eating healthy, not sleeping enough will not only impact the way you feel but also the way you look, Yikes! I know we don’t like to hear this but it’s a reality and knowledge is power right?



We hope you enjoyed learning about how our skin changes and how we should be looking after it. More to come! Don’t miss out, more beauty tips, information and advice right here next week.



Team Image, xoxo