How to soak off gels from home

How to soak off gels from home

How to soak off your gel nails:


Step 1 – Gently buff the top layer of the gels off, you will see the colour become matte, DO NOT buff past the colour. (ONLY If you know you have builder gel underneath, you can buff past the colour)

Step 2 – Spray a pump of the acetone in the small bottle onto the pre-cut white lint wipes, lay this on the nail and then wrap with the pre-cut foil. 1 lint wipe and 1 foil per nail.

Step 3 – Repeat on each nail and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes. If you are struggling, do one hand at a time.

Step 4 – Remove the foils carefully and gently scrap off any remaining gel, if the gel persists, repeat this process by spraying more acetone and wrapping again.

Step 5 – Once there is no more gel on the nail, simply push back your cuticles if you have a tool, and apply cuticle oil if you have any!