In order to keep both your fingernails and toenails you must follow the aftercare advice given.

  1. Leave adequate time to let the nails dry especially on the toes as putting shoes on straight away will damage the nails even if they feel almost dry.
  2. Reapply a good quality topcoat to prevent chipping and to give the nails more shine.
  3. Use a hand cream every day to prevent overgrowing cuticles and to keep them soft.
  4. Keep them at a sensible length to avoid catching and breaking.
  5. To prolong the life of your varnish wear household gloves to perform any housework or chores.
  6. After washing the feet dry roughly.
  7. Use a pumice stone to keep hard skin in between pedicures under control.
  8. Apply talc or special foot powder between the toes to help absorb moisture.
  9. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover.
  10. Drink plenty of water and eat well.

Fun facts about mani and pedi’s

  1. It takes darker colours longer to dry than lighter.
  2. Peeling nails are a sign of poor nutrition.
  3. Modern nail polish was a by-product of car paint.
  4. French manicure is really French.
  5. The most expensive nail polish costs £250,000.

Recommended Retail Products To Use Are

  • Cuticle oil £5.95 – £16.95.
  • Hand cream £2.50 – £37.50.
  • OPI nail envy – £19.50.
  • OPI top coat – £9.99.