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We are now past the middle mark of May, and we are all thinking… where has 2018 gone already?!

So far in May 2018, the weather has been good to us. We are finally starting to see that hot, burning, yellow ball of light appearing from the clouds. It has taken it’s time though!

We had a beautiful bank holiday at the beginning of the month and we are hoping for another beautiful and sunny one at the end of the month. But, May isn’t just all about enjoying the sunshine and getting that tanned glow…

May’s birthstone is in-fact the Emerald. Some of you will think of a representation of love and success… or you will think of poor Dorothy in the Emerald City trying to get home!

Whatever you think in your minds; May is all about finding that success, finding that love and even finding your way home!

Yes Dorothy…we know you want to get home!

Success could come from all different backgrounds. Whether it is the success of getting a new job or a promotion? The success of completing exams in different educational levels? Or even winning the lottery! Whatever success it is, be on the look out for something which will make your 2018 even better.

You may also find success in meeting the love of your life in May. If swiping right on Tinder isn’t going well for you, maybe try other online dating sites such as eHarmony or Match.com.

Or even go old-school and try some speed-dating. Who knows, you may even bump into your soul mate walking down the streets. Remember,you still have 14 days left of this month so don’t give up yet!

Love, the Image Salon Team X

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