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Have you just had your lashes lifted to the Heaven’s above and wanting the perfect conditioning serum for those long-lasting affects? OR even wanting both of those mentioned above?

Well us here at Image Salon are commencing an extremely exciting new offer, with the help of the well-known beauty company Nouveau Lashes

What is a lash lift?

Lash lifts differ to your usual common lash extensions. This is because our treatment does not involve adding lashes to your original natural ones, but instead uses a method which will curl your natural lashes to make them stand out and appear longer than before.

Are they worth it?

Yes lash lifts are perfect for having that fake-lash look but without the fakeness. It is also great for not having to mess around in the morning to put a bit of mascara on and curl your lashes as it is already done for you!

Another great part of the lash lift is that unlike extensions, you do not have to worry about any of them falling out or clumping together when they get wet; so it is ideal for short breaks away!


Depending on the class of the salon you choose to go to and their individual prices, you are looking to spend between £25-£50 on this treatment in a salon.

Image Price?

Usually the price for the YUMI Lash Lift is at the price of £42.00, however, our monthly May promotion at Image Salon consists of purchasing the Nouveau Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum for only £19.95 and getting the YUMI Lash Lift for only £30!

Meaning you would save £12 on what you would pay for both the serum and the treatment at retail price. This is a great save! After the treatment it is vital to maintain and keep your lashes long and luscious for as long as you can, and this serum would help you to do so.

We even provide the aftercare for this lash lift treatment here

Don’t miss out! X

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