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July – Summer Lovin’

By July 3, 2018Blog

Welcome to our July’s blog post! We hope you enjoyed reading our last month’s post, and hope you will enjoy this one just as much.

If you don’t enjoy the outdoors, then Summer isn’t the best for you. However, if you love it like us, there are many amazing things to do outdoors in glorious weather conditions and warm temperatures.

It is that time of the year again where festivals are going on all over the United Kingdom. From small,local festivals where beer and cider is consumed in large quantities. To walking around humongous fields and trying to locate your tent late at night.

As part of our July’s Newsletter addition, as here at Image want to provide you with a few tips and tricks on ways to look and feel fabulous for festivals and other events which you will be attending this Summer.

Similar to last month which was all about summer holidays, this month will still be about being aware of the UVA and UVB rays from the sunshine… just in different circumstances.

June has been perfect for sunshine and beautiful weather. And we are all hoping it continues for this month! You can never get too much sunshine. As long as you are protecting yourself by wearing sun hats, sun cream with a high SPF and putting that lovely Aloe Vera aftersun on before you go to bed in the evenings.

Another important factor to remember is to drink plenty of water… nothing is worse than sun stroke and dehydration. Trust me, we have all been there! Check out our previous blog post on drinking water and how much you should consume, it’s very beneficial!

Beauty Treatment

Us here at Image provide many treatments for our clients; however, we believe that providing you with the best treatment for the right occasion and weather type is most important. One of the most successful treatments which is ideal for losing a bit of excess fat quickly, is the Body Wrap Treatments.







We provide two different types at Image; Shrinking Violet & Universal Contour Wrap. Both of which, clients can purchase a single treatment or a course. Pricing from £57.00! Check out the page here to find out more.

We want to know, what is your favourite part of the summer and why? Let us know in the comments, or even on social media! As for us at Image, we love getting beauty treatments just before a summer garden party. Such as lash extensions and getting a beautiful set of nails. Nothing is better than looking good and feeling good.

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