After your dermal roller treatment your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin, working below the surface in the dermis. It can take upto 6 weeks before visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen.

A course of 3 dermal roller procedures with approximately 6 weeks in-between them. In the treatment of acne scarring and other types of scarring may be necessary to have up to 5 treatments.

1.Immediately after treatment you will look as though you have moderate sunburn and your skin may feel tight and warm.

2.After 1-2 hrs this will calm down and may show slight redness the following say.

3.Possible skin swelling (again, this will calm down within a day or two.

4.Due to the increase in vitamin A penetration, another side effect may be redness, flaking, burning, stinging.

5.After the procedure, we will apply a professional water based moisturising cream that will be applied to the skin to help soother, this will be used for the next week.

6.A spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen will then be applied with a SPF 30+ again, use this on a daily basis for atleast two weeks even during winter or on cloudy days.

7.Water must be used to cleanse the face for the next 48hrs and dried gently.

8.It is recommended that no makeup is applied for the next 12 hours.

Time scale Skin changes and improvements
Day 1 – 2 Erythema and mild swelling
Day 2 – 7 Increased exfoliation and dryness
1 week Improvement in texture
3 weeks Improvement in pigmentation
6 weeks Improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and scarring

Fun fact – Dermaroller has approximately 150 needles.