1. Drink plenty of water to increase lymph drainage/toxin elimination.
  2. Avoid make up for at least 24hrs unless mineral makeup.
  3. Do not use any sunbeams, saunas or steam rooms for at least 48hrs after facial.
  4. No sun exposure for at least 48hrs.
  5. Do not use any other form of exfoliation for 48hrs.
  6. Use at least an SPF 30 every day.
  7. Continue with a good skincare routine at home with recommended products.

Fun facts about dermalift 

  1. Dermalift is a treatment system utilising an innovative, painless technique to stimulate cellular renewal and increase the skin’s collagen production.
  2. Dermalift creates a firmer, toned, smoother, and brighter complexion.
  3. Dermalift stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production.
  4. Dermalift is a purely mechanical system that does not use heat, extreme cold, or electricity to stimulate the skin.