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The Importance of Exfoliating Oily Skin: 


If you’re a sufferer of excessively oily skin, you have most likely heard of the name exfoliation. Exfoliation helps on a significant scale to reduce excess sebum levels on the skin, removes dead skin cells and those pesky clogged pores – all of which are features of oily skin. Today I am going to be sharing with you all of the facts surrounding exfoliation, the benefits and why it is so crucial to do so.


The main reason why oily skin consists of countless dead skin cells, is simply due to the raging amount of sebum in your skin which is forming dead skin to be left festering. Oily skin almost acts as a glue which stops the dead skin from being removed easily. This unfortunately contributes to clogged follicles, leading to the build-up of the nasty bacteria which causes acne, therefore stimulating the production of those dreaded breakouts! This just highlights how crucial exfoliating oily prone skin is, and how beneficial it can be to help you sufferers out!

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Be Careful Not To Over Do It:

Although gentle exfoliation is absolutely necessary, if you find yourself doing it too often, it will eventually lead to your skin being stripped of its natural oils which can actually lead to more breakouts in itself! The skin is a strong organ which sheds dead skin cells of its own, so doing this too much will actually make your skin worse in the long run – leading to sensitivity. I recommend to gently exfoliate your face two-three times maximum – as well as cleansing, toning and moisturising. I also find that setting clay masks help oily skin too! They will massively reduce the production of sebum in your T-Zone over time. However, like exfoliating, be careful to not over do it!Image result for clay masks skin


General tips and advice for oily skin:

Just so managing it becomes slightly more bearable, it is best to cut down on cream based makeup – you know, liquid highlighters, cream blushers… these creamy based products will cause your makeup to come off more easily throughout the day and will also make your makeup appear cakey – which is something we never want!


Another makeup tip is to apply primer before putting on your makeup in the mornings. Not only will this create a matte base, it will also prolong the wear the wear of your foundation so it doesn’t slide off the second your face hits the sun!


Thank you for reading! I hope this post helped you with general tips and advice regarding dreaded oily skin and the importance of exfoliation!



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