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-Be your own Valentine-

By February 1, 2019Blog, Health, nutrition, self love

It’s February already my darlings! How has this even happened?

It feels like it was yesterday that the kids were opening their presents under the tree and blink! it’s the ‘Month of Romance’ ( this being said I must add..loving anyone is an every day job and privilege) but back to this blog!

I have a proposal for you, hear me out , this year how about you try to fall in love with yourself first?

We often get caught up in giving we want to help others, we want to support, encourage…nothing wrong with that, matter of fact it’s magic but, and there is always a but, this is very important, we must remember to not give so much that we drain ourselves.

Also we need to be aware of who pours back, and decide if we are watering dead plants for too long.

There is a saying that goes something like this:

You cant pour from an empty cup’.

Last blog post I gave you some ideas of how to practice self care, (I sincerely hope you enjoyed them) if you haven’t started then now its the perfect time, even if you have a spouse , a significant other..make a conscious decision and choose one day that is all about you, it doesn’t have to be Valentines day, just make your own self love day a thing , because you deserve the love you give to everyone else.

When was the last time to splurged on yourself? Get your hair done, a manicure, or a massage, buy that dress you keep walking past, read a new book, listen to music and dance like nobody is watching (because they aren’t ..they are in their phones!), have a spray tan, go to the cinema with your girlfriends? …whatever makes you have that warm glowing feeling inside.

We spend half our lives in conflict with ourselves, so today I propose we change that, one little step at a time, and we decide to speak to ourselves and see ourselves with kinder eyes, after all… we have been hating on us for so long lets try to love the skin we are in and work on being who we want to be, feel proud of who you are because…there is no one like you.

14th February , you have a date, with Image!

Here at Image we will be helping you beautiful ladies to have a fantastic 14th of February , from 2 pm on the day we will be having some sweet discount offers, to make it even more enjoyable there will be free bubbly and nibbles at your disposal , and more!!

As usual we will have limited spaces so please do let us know if you will be attending. Warmest regards

Team Image, xoxo

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