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6 Must Have Beauty products this summer



Summer complexions, beckon for a less-is-more approach. Bare, sun-kissed skin is meant to glow, highlighted only with bronzer, embellished only with flashes of color, covered only with SPF. In preparation, the industry’s savviest makeup artists insist on paring down winter’s makeup bag. Heavy creams, full-coverage foundations, and dark red lips are replaced with lightweight moisturizers, safe sun necessities and bright pops of peach and coral. Along with summer’s kicky, leg-baring skirts and pedicure flaunting sandals, consider these products to be your summer essentials.


If you were to ask any respectable makeup artist what the best beauty secret is they will say sunscreen. It’s definitely one of your best defenses against wrinkles, sun spots, and sun damage. This sunscreen goes on in a soft mist, ensuring coverage for every inch of skin.
The best gel eyeliner: It glides on perfectly, stays perfect all day, and it is so easy to apply, correct and clean if you make a mistake.
It would deliver a sheer wash of color to brighten your face.
This summer why don’t you try a classic!? The perfect red nail paired with a statement red lip in any shade looks fabulous with sun-kissed skin.


It’s crucial to exfoliate, period but especially before applying self-tanner, but you must scrub the day before you tan. Exfoliating on the same day will result in a streaky tan that won’t last. Choose a scrub that’s both soothing and hydrating. Apply on dry skin for a more intense treatment, in the shower for a gentle scrub.


A face just isn’t done without mascara! Get that fullness and definition while making sure your product stays put all day long.
We hope you like our list and would love to hear YOUR list. What products can’t you live without this summer?
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