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Sienna X

For an incredibly natural, safe and all year round tan, we offer the Sienna x sunless spray tanning system. As featured on TV shows like How to Look Good Naked, a Sienna x Spray Tan will leave you looking glowing and feeling more confident than ever.



St Tropez

St Tropez had been at the forefront of tanning for many years, and at Image we only use the Industries leading products so as well as our Sienna X Spray tan, we are now offering a professional self tan application using St Tropez.


Treatments available

Sienna X Full Body and Face

Sienna x provides a safe natural looking tan all year round. Available in 3 shades (light, medium, dark). Your therapist will assist you in helping you choose the right shade to suit your needs and skin tone.


Course of 6 treatments – £144.75

15 mins

Sienna X Full body and face with exfoliation

Exfoliating before the application of your tan removes all the dead skin cells softening your skin and giving you an even, flawless tan.


Course of 6 treatments – £194.75

45 mins

Sienna X Weekly top up tan

Sienna x provides a safe natural looking tan all year round. Available in 3 shades (light, medium, dark).

*must be taken in a within a week of the “Full body spray tan”.




Thorough exfoliation is essential to achieve an even tan. Hair removal must be done 24hours prior to any treatment and you should moisturise any dry areas including hands, feet, knees and elbows. Avoid lotions, oils, perfumes and deodorants on the morning of your tan. Please wear, dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment.


Leave showering and bathing for at least 6-8 hours after your tan is applied. When drying the skin, pat gently rather than rubbing with a towel and use generous amounts of sienna X aftercare products to lock in moisture. You should also be aware that chlorine in pools can slightly alter your colour. A patch test is optional.

St Tropez - Lay down application

During your professional St Tropez self tan treatment, your skin will be exfoliated and prepped with a moisturising cream before the application of tan is applied.

Step 1 – A full body exfoliation, using the St Tropez body polish, and dry mitts to remove the residue.

Step 2 – Your therapist will custom blend the St Tropez body moisture mixed with bronzing lotion which will be applied all over to complement your skin tone, to achieve a rich healthy glow.


Course of 6 treatments – £184.75