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Massage Tips & Tricks

Posted by Sue on January 27, 2018 in Uncategorized.

Our Image Massage Masterclass is coming for you!


So, we thought, why not give you a few little tips & tricks from our therapist and in house massage expert Viki?

After all, she knows what she is talking about!!


So what does massage actually do for the individual?

We all know that massage helps the individual physically, but did you know it also helps them emotionally as well? It improves the bodies functions, whilst reducing stress and providing a feeling of well being and peace. It can also help regulate blood pressure and boost your immune system!


Even if you’re feeling great, your body will still thank you for a massage. Having a 60 minute massage is the equivalent to 8 hours sleep!!



Muscles LOVE heat, it helps to relax the tissues and fibres allowing for a deeper massage with better end results. The latest addition to our massage treatment family is called the ‘Aqua Cushion’ Massage, and this involves the client laying on warm pillows of water too help relax the muscles and allow the therapists to work deeper into the tissue (check it out, it’s incredible!)



Each individuals goals will vary when it comes to what they want from their massage, but in general, you want to give firm enough pressure so the muscles moves underneath the skin – but not enough to make them squirm!! There are times when you need to add pain, to gain, but not always. Alongside this, work slowly – going to quickly will irritate the muscle!


Even though a lot of us spend time hunched over a computer or curled up watching TV, our shoulders carry the most tension – so this is always a good area to work on.



Regular stretching after a massage keeps your muscles healthy and more flexible – don’t always rely on the massage, look after yourself too!


Want to know more? Book in for our Massage Masterclass

1st February & 8th February
5 – 8pm with 1 hour slots

£10.00 with a free glass of fizz!

Relax, and have a lovely weekend!

The Image Team xx