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Mascara madness

Posted by Sue on March 14, 2017 in Uncategorized.

Applying mascara may be one of the simplest things you can do with your beauty routine, however are you doing it correctly? Many of us love to have volume and length when it comes to our lashes. Finding that ride or die mascara for a great price can be tricky and many of us still haven’t found the perfect product to fit our needs, it could just be down to not swiping our wands in the correct motion. Read on to discover what you could improve to meet you lash goals.

Applying too many coats

Achieving them bold statement lashes may be the look which you’re aiming for. But constantly layering coats of mascara on top of another is not the best way to achieve this and you could be left with a clumpy mess. If a single or two swipes isn’t giving you the look you’re after then you probably need to switch your mascara for one with a thicker formula which will guarantee you with bigger and even lashes.

Stop the pumping

Pumping your wand in and out of the tube doesn’t mean it’ll end up full of product. In fact, this will just trap air and bacteria inside and make the formula dry out faster. Instead, gently twist the wand and pull it slowly from the tube, this will prevent your mascara from drying and product will be even on the wand and will be a smoother application.

Give your wand a wiggle

Do you pull your mascara straight through your lashes? Well, if you do it this way it’s unlikely you’ll get an even finish. When applying your mascara, make ‘Z’ shapes as you pull your wand up, this’ll make your lashes appear thicker, longer and fuller.