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Are you cleansing your skin properly?

Posted by Sue on February 14, 2017 in Uncategorized.

Taking care of your skin is vital, especially in this cold season. It can be hard enough trying to decide what beauty products to buy to fit your skins needs, let alone figuring out the correct way of applying them.

Step One:

The Water- It’s believed that hot water opens up your pores and this then allows dirt and residue to come out easily when washing your face. This however is only half true. Hot water doesn’t open up your pores, hot water can be drying and harsh to the skin, so it’s best to start your washing with lukewarm water. This will break down some of the dirt and be soothing to the skin.

Step Two:

Exfoliating your skin should be done 2-3 times a week. This will get rid of any dead skin cells, brightens the skin and also helps with unclogging pores and evens out your skin tone.

Step Three:

After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated , apply your toner. Toner can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, it also gets rid of any excess oils and dirt and protects your skin.

Step Four:

Eye creams are key, your eye area is the thinnest part of skin on your face and is desperate for moisture.

Step Five:

Serum – serums target specific skin concerns like wrinkles, dark spots, and dehydration so they’re a great product to include in your skincare routine. You can apply them underneath your favourite moisturiser or mix them together to save an extra step.

You are now done! Your face should feel beautiful and your skin will be thanking you. See below for some great products.

Dermalogica :

Precleanse £34.45 and special cleaning gel £49 – perfect pair

Intensive Eye Repair- ultra rich eye cream to help dehydrated lines. £38.90


Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion – dry or sensitised skin £20

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase – restores a more youthful-looking appearance to dehydrated skin. £44