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Image Loyalty system

Posted by Sue on February 10, 2012 in Image Salon News.

Here at Image we have a loyalty system, which is very popular amongst all our clients. If you haven’t heard of it before – let me fill you in…

Once you have had your treatment at image or you’ve brought a product regardless how much or how little you spent, you have the choice to purchase a one-off payment of £5.00 for an Image loyalty card. So, when you next come to the salon to have your treatments points go onto your card and before you know it the points quickly build up for you to use on a free treatment of, that you haven’t tried before!

You receive 1 point for every one pound you spend so if you spend £100 in the salon you receive 100 points. You can also earn 100 free loyalty points If you recommend a friend to image.

So once a month, your therapist can look at your loyalty points and discuss with you what free treatments you are entitled too, there is also no expiry date as when to use the points for a treatment.

If you are interested pop into the salon to purchase your card and start earning them points!!